Time course of reverse remodeling of the left ventricle during support with a left ventricular assist device.


Madigan J.D., Barbone A., Choudhri A.F., Morales D.L., Cai B., Oz M.C., Burkhoff D.


Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, 2001 May (121: 902-8)


"Support with a left ventricular assist device leads to normalization of left ventricular chamber geometry, regression of myocyte hypertrophy, alterations in left ventricular collagen content, and normalized expression of genes involved with excitation-contraction coupling in patients with heart failure. . . . Maximum structural reverse remodeling by left ventricular assist devices is complete by about 40 days. Molecular reverse remodeling of sarcoplasmic endoreticular calcium adenosine triphosphatase 2a expression is quicker, being complete by about 20 days."

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