About Us

Jarvik Heart Inc Building Manhattan New York CityJarvik Heart, Inc. is a private company that develops miniaturized heart assist devices for the treatment of severe heart failure.

The company, formed in 1988, is located in Manhattan, where it conducts development and manufacturing activities. Robert Jarvik, MD, inventor of the Jarvik 7, Jarvik 2000® and the new Jarvik 2015 15mm mechanical hearts, is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Marilyn vos Savant, a columnist for Parade magazine, is Chief Financial Officer.

The Jarvik 2000® Ventricular Assist Device, Jarvik Heart’s successful heart pump has earned CE Mark certification in Europe for both bridge-to-transplant and lifetime use. In Japan, the Jarvik 2000 has been approved by the PMDA for bridge-to-transplant. In the United States, the Jarvik 2000 is an investigational device used to support patients for lifetime use. There have been over 1000 Jarvik 2000 implants worldwide. The Jarvik 2000 has successfully sustained and improved the condition of patients awaiting transplants as well as those who have chosen the device for lifetime use.

The Jarvik 2015 15mm Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) is currently the only device of its kind, a VAD nearly the size of a AA battery. Clinical trials are being both conducted and more are in development. In the US please visit  Jarvik 2015 15mm based Pumpkin trial for more information.