Model with pa croppedThe Jarvik 2000® Ventricular Assist Device can be powered for 8-10 hours on a single rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack that weighs less than two pounds. The pump draws power from the battery, worn externally, via a wire that exits the skin either through the abdominal wall or a connector mounted behind the ear.

With so much life per portable battery, the Jarvik 2000 permits patients to roam tether-free longer than other VADs that consume more power. The durability of the external battery and controller mean that patients can take the device almost anywhere. The external equipment required by the Jarvik 2000 is also minimal: the total weight of the battery and controller is less than three pounds and can be carried comfortably in a shoulder bag or waist-belt. Batteries can be recharged at any wall outlet, and some patients carry several extra batteries, especially when traveling.