The Jarvik 2000® Ventricular Assist System is available in both the abdominal connector and post-auricular (behind-the-ear) connector models in Italy.

Please contact our distributor for Italy to add your center to the growing list of centers using the Jarvik 2000®.

Artech srl

Via Dosso 12

Cavezzo (Modena)

+39 0535 46266


Participating Centers


  • Azienda Ospedale Policlinico S. Orsola
    Bologna, Italy
  • Azienda Ospedaliera Padova
    Padova, Italy
  • Azienda Ospedaliera-Universitaria Siena
    Siena, Italy
  • Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria Santa Maria della Misericordia
    Udine, Italy
  • Centro Cardiologico Monzino
    Milan, Italy
  • Ospedale Bambino Gesù
    Rome, Italy
  • Ospedale Clinicizzato SS Annunziata
    Chieti, Italy
  • Policlinico Gemelli
    Rome, Italy
  • San Gerardo Hospital
    Monza, Italy
  • Silvestrini Hospital
    Perugia, Italy