Portable batteries and charger

Two wearable, gray Lithium-ion battery packs are provided for tether-free operation of the Jarvik 2000 FlowMaker®. Each fully-charged battery delivers about 8-10 hours of pump operation under normal conditions, and each has its own indicator lights to show how much power remains. A tongue-and-groove mechanism allows the controller to be mounted to the battery for easy handling, and both the battery and the controller can be worn in a waist-belt or shoulder bag. The portable Li-ion batteries are rechargeable, and come with a separate charger and power supply that plugs into any wall outlet.

Reserve batteries

Two lead-acid batteries are provided for use while sleeping or during any unusual event, such as a local power outage. These batteries are heavy (15 lbs.) and come in a red carrying case with skid-proof material on the bottom. Each reserve battery will power the Jarvik 2000 for more than 30 hours under normal conditions and is rechargeable. Each lead-acid battery has a charger built-in and can be plugged directly into the wall to recharge.

(Note: The Jarvik 2000 cannot be run from wall power. Even when connected to a battery that is plugged into a wall outlet, the Jarvik 2000 pump draws power only from the battery, and the controller will not draw power from the wall.)