Other Items

Cables and connectors

Connector cables are supplied with the Jarvik 2000 FlowMaker® to link the components together: the battery to the controller, the controller to the pump. The cables are color-coded and keyed to ensure that they cannot be connected the wrong way. A latch mechanism allows the cables to “click” together securely, making connections hold up against sudden tugs or strain. A retractable extension cord for connecting the controller and the pump allows the external equipment to be kept at a distance while sleeping or bathing. A “Y” cable is also provided to allow the patient to seamlessly change batteries without stopping the pump.

Patient instruction manual

A patient manual gives detailed guidelines on how to use the external components of the Jarvik 2000 FlowMaker® to ensure maximum safety. Patients also carry an identification card with important contact and technical information, which may be necessary in emergency situations.